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Frequently Asked Questions

What word is the opposite of alive?

inactive, inert. Antonyms for alive. dead, extinct, nonextant. 5 having specified facts or feelings actively impressed on the mind. alive to the need for major improvements in the school system. Synonyms for alive.

What is another word for alive?

Another word for alive. adjective. Having existence or life: around, existent, existing, extant, living. See live. Marked by or exhibiting life: animate, animated, live2, living, vital. See live. In action or full operation: active, functioning, going, operating, operative, running, working.

What is another word for "Come Alive"?

Synonyms for came alive include bloomed, blossomed, brightened up, cheered up, enlivened, livened, took off, throve, thrived and came to life. Find more similar words at!

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