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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the alpha stage?

The "alpha phase" of software development follows the early programming and design stages, but precedes the "beta phase" in which the software closely resembles the final version. Since the alpha phase is an early part of the software development cycle, alpha software typically includes significant bugs and usability issues.

What is Alpha in the alphabet?

, alpha is the first letter in the Greek alphabet. The meaning of this statement is clear only if you know that alpha is the first letter of the alphabet and that omega is the last. Capital alpha is identical to English A. Lower case alpha looks much like the cursive English a. Alpha is the first of seven Greek vowels.

What is alpha process?

The triple-alpha process is a set of nuclear fusion reactions by which three helium-4 nuclei (alpha particles) are transformed into carbon.

What is alpha structure?

Lesson Summary. An alpha helix is a common shape that amino acid chains will form. The alpha helix is characterized by a tight right-handed twist in the amino acid chain that causes it to form a rod shape. Hydrogen bonds between the hydrogen in an amino group and the oxygen in a carboxyl group on the amino acid cause this structure.

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