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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a technical product manager?

To become a technical product manager, a professional needs a combination of technical and business related degrees. A product manager position is a mid-level management job that may require five or more years of experience. Many employers require candidates to have direct experience with certain types of technologies and platforms.

What does a technical product owner do?

The technical product owner's role is to create the bridge that has long been elusive in the software development industry. Agile has become the primary mechanism by which normally incompatible roles crossbreed and create distinctive positions that bring great value to a company.

What is the role of a technical program manager?

A technical program manager is a person who manages the technical aspects of a software development project. He has experience building and delivering software applications to clients. A technical manager has experience with most computer appliances, including hardware, networks, software, and database design.

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