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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the phone number for American Express Platinum travel?

Phone Number of American Express Platinum Travel is +1-800-801-6564, 1-800-525-3355 . American Express Platinum Travel is one of the credit card service of American Express that is used for retail, travel, Dining and entertainment.

What are the benefits of an American Express Platinum Card?

The American Express Platinum Card offers a higher level of benefits than American Express Green and Gold Cards. The benefits include a point reward system, four free companion airline tickets per year, airport club access and round-the-clock Platinum Card Concierge service to assist with travel and gift purchases.

What stores accept American Express?

Other locations that accept American Express include most supermarkets, some U.S. department stores such as J.C. Penney and Sears, and some drug stores, such as Walgreens and Rite Aid.

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