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What are amidines in chemistry?

Amidines are organic compounds with the functional group RC (NR)NR 2, where the R groups can be the same or different. They are the imine derivatives of amides (RC (O)NR 2 ). The simplest amidine is formamidine, HC (=NH)NH 2 . A common route to primary amidines is the Pinner reaction.

Which reagent is used for amidine synthesis?

The addition of organometallic compounds to carbodiimides is a rare example of an amidine synthesis via carbon–carbon bond formation. Organolithiums, Grignard reagents and in some cases organozinc reagents have all been utilised in high yields ( Equation (18)) < 74BCF994 >.

What is an example of an amidine substitute?

Several drug or drug candidates feature amidine substituents. Examples include the antiprotozoal Imidocarb, the insecticide amitraz , the anthelmintic tribendimidine, and xylamidine, an antagonist at the 5HT2A receptor.

Is amidine an oxoacid?

Amidines are a class of oxoacid derivatives. The oxoacid from which an amidine is derived must be of the form RnE(=O)OH, where R is a substituent.

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