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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of apparel?

1 : personal attire : clothing of a particular kind dressed in fine apparel —used chiefly in U.S. English to refer to clothing that is being sold in stores a new line of women's apparelathletic apparel. 2 : the equipment (such as sails and rigging) of a ship. 3 : something that clothes or adorns the bright apparel of spring. apparel.

What does apparel include?

2 Answers. "Apparel" can also include things like nametags, jewelry or other stuff you wear. "Clothing" tends to refer to stuff traditionally made from cloth (but still includes synthetic variants.) The specific dividing line between the two terms is subjective and will differ from person to person. "Apparel" is also slightly more formal.

What is an antonym for apparel?

Antonyms for apparel. Antonyms for (verb) apparel. Main entry: apparel, clothe, fit out, garb, garment, enclothe, habilitate, raiment, tog, dress Definition: provide with clothes or put clothes on Usage: Parents must feed and dress their child.

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