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Frequently Asked Questions

How does autosuggest work on Bing Maps?

Bing Maps Autosuggest API. Given a request with a user’s location and a partial query (called a query prefix), the Bing Maps Autosuggest API returns a list of suggested entities which the user is most likely searching for. These entities are ranked from most to least likely.

Can I use Bing Maps REST API with JavaScript?

This repo contains several Javascript samples utilizing the new Bing Maps REST API service: Autosuggest API. The pizza ordering form sample shows how the Autosuggest API can be used to autocomplete customer address information in e-commerce ordering forms using only a partial address query and the customer's location.

How do I use autosuggest API browser?

The Autosuggest API Browser can be used to explore the Autosuggest API along with visualizing the returned entities using the Bing Maps V8 Map Control SDK. This example is written in pure Javascript and Bootstrap. To use these samples, simply clone this repo:

When will Bing Maps location recognition API be available?

Bing Maps Location Recognition API and the Bing Maps Autosuggest API will be generally available this summer. By fully recognizing their user locations, apps & services can build the next gen experiences and analytics.

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