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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the value of a bizbiz?

The .biz still has some value and can be used for projects not geared towards online marketing. It may work well for a forum or for other projects. The .biz also offers an alternative when the .com and .net are both taken.

Is a biz domain name right for your business?

It seems like the obvious choice for a business because it’s .biz. However, this isn’t the right domain name choice, if the .com is available. Many extensions come above the .biz including the .net and the .org extensions. The perspective of the .biz will also hurt you online.

Should you choose a Biz or a COM extension for your business?

Even though the .biz sounds like it should be perfect for a business, it’s not the first choice for many reasons. The first reason you want to choose a .com extension whenever possible is the value. A .com is worth far more than a .biz, even if they are the same.

What is Biz powder used for?

With more stain fighters than other brands, including detergents, peroxide, whitening agents and a unique blend of enzymes, Biz powder is sure to tackle all of your toughest stains. Biz works great on stains including grass, dirt, sweat, coffee, and a variety of others.

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