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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a box score in sports?

A box score is a structured summary of the results from a sport competition. The box score lists the game score as well as individual and team achievements in the game. Among the sports in which box scores are common are baseball, basketball, football, volleyball and hockey .

What is a box score contingency table?

The box score data is derived from a statistics sheet, and is then summarized into a contingency table, also known as a cross tabulation or cross tab or as a basic set of averages. This is used to help determine the relationship between elements, and in sports, certain percentages often help define the success of a team.

What is an advanced box score in basketball?

Advanced team NBA box scores have been displaying advanced statistics such as: Assist to turnover ratio (AST/TO), True shooting percentage (TS%), Offensive Rating (OFFRTG), and Defensive Rating (DEFRTG) since the 1996-1997 NBA Season. In volleyball, a box score is used as a statistical scoring summary of the match.

What was the first game with a box score?

The first game with the box score implemented was in 1859, featuring the Brooklyn Excelsiors versus the Brooklyn Stars, with the Brooklyn Stars being the victor. This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it.

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