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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the brick and mortar store dead?

No, the brick and mortar store is not dead, but you do need to combine offline channels with online ones if you don’t want your store to die off in the long run. A great way to get started is with a competitive price monitoring tool such as Competera, which works well for both midsize and enterprise businesses.

Is brick and mortar making a comeback?

The brighter outlook is that brick and mortar will be making its return to the throne through that same innovation. First, a reality check: Clicks have yet to overtake bricks. E-commerce still only represents a small fraction of total retail sales.

Is brick and mortar still relevant in online retail?

Customer experience is still key and blending the worlds of brick and mortar with online retail can enhance that experience in many ways. A strong example of this is Nike by Melrose, which pulled together a local, customized, and social-digital experience for Nike customers. Online brands have really changed the game when it comes to delivery.

Are brick and mortar brands going omnichannel?

Both brick and mortar brands and online retailers are going omnichannel. They’re acknowledging that the customer journey is no longer solely built around in-store shopping. The wave of influencers, in-app purchases, and connected devices have upended the old ways or retail.

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