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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you repair a cracked brick wall?

Mix the mortar, sand and water until you have a slightly runny paste. You may have to add water or mortar and sand to achieve this consistency. Add some mortar dye to the mix until it is a color that is slightly darker than the bricks on your walls. Make a separate mixture to apply to the mortar joints.

What is the normal mortar gap between brick?

In the UK, when using standard building bricks, a gap of 10mm (3/8") is left for a mortar joint before the next brick is placed. This is the standard gap between both bed (horizontal) and head (vertical) joints.

How do you repair brick Grout?

Place grout on the back of each brick you are replacing. The amount of grout depends on the size of the brick. For example, a 6-inch by 6-inch piece of masonry would need 1 Tbsp. of grout. Push the brick in place and wiggle it a bit to set it firmly into the grout.

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