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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a brick and mortar store?

What does a brick and mortar store mean? When somebody refers to a brick and mortar store, they’re talking about a physical storefront where business transactions are conducted.

Should brick-and-mortar businesses expand into online sales?

In today's market, virtually all large brick-and-mortar retailers also have a strong online presence. For small brick-and-mortar businesses, deciding whether or not to spend the time and effort to expand into online sales is less clear. According to Insureon, only about 29% of small businesses make their sales through the internet. 3

Are brick-and-mortar shops doomed in Today's tech-driven world?

While many people believe brick-and-mortar shops are doomed in today’s tech-driven world, but there are still a number of businesses that thrive despite the convenience of online shopping. Here are a few of those businesses that need brick and mortar stores to function, and will never go down no matter how popular online stores become.

What kind of businesses need brick and mortar locations?

Tattoo studios are another business that need brick and mortar locations to function. People usually come into these studios, pick their designs and have it inked on their skin. This inking cannot be done online and as such physical locations are necessary for this business.

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