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Frequently Asked Questions

How many brick-and-mortar stores will close this year?

It began in 2010 when brick-and-mortar stores started to close and has only gotten worse over time. I am listing below 15,542 store units that will have closed this year. The figure is most already surpassed 2019 levels when 9,879 stores closed their doors.

Why are so many brick-and-mortar stores closing?

The ease of online shopping (and movement away from shopping malls) has affected brick-and-mortar stores for at least a decade, and the pandemic and shutdowns caused even more major stores to shutter. While some companies downsized and closed only the worst-performing stores, others closed all stores forever.

How many stores have been closed in 2020 so far?

Correction: This list was last updated at 4.00 pm on December 31, 2020 to change the number of store closures so far in 2020 to 15,542stores. The list of store closings is already very long and may be much longer by the end of the year.

Is Macy going out of Business 2020?

Macy’s expects to close one-fifth of their department stores within three years with the first of 125 starting in 2020. 19. Bose closing a total of 119 stores. Of the 119 Bose stores, 50 are located in the United States, which will be gone by the year’s end. 20. Office Depot plans to shut 90 locations by 2021.

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