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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you like most about brick bodies Reisterstown?

I think what I love about Brick Bodies in Reisterstown is that the owners constantly work on the gym. It's nothing for them to update the locker rooms, the pool and even the weight area. As big as the gym is the only area that can get a little crowded is the weight lifting area.

What is the best gym in Reisterstown?

Brick Bodies Reisterstown is by far the best gym I've ever joined. The staff always makes me feel welcomed, my trainer (Dom) is top notch, daycare service, well scheduled classes, clean locker rooms, towel service, pool (even though I have tried it yet), and a nice assortment of classes.

What is first step by brick bodies?

First Step is a 5-week program with a certified personal trainer designed to motivate, educate and provide the accountability you need to build healthy fitness habits. Brick Bodies Now provides anytime, anywhere access to on-demand and live-streamed classes including Les Mills and Zumba. Looking to try something new?

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