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Frequently Asked Questions

How to shop in the bulk foods section?

Here are our favorite tips for how to shop in the bulk foods section: Be adventurous- but give yourself time to browse. Go into the bulk section knowing that there are going to be a lot of choices, and give yourself ample time ... Keep it Small. When trying a new food, purchase just a small portion, then return for more if you like it. ... Keep it Organized! ... Special Order it! ... More items...

How do I store bulk food?

How to Store Food in Bulk Method 1 of 3: Making the Most of Your Space Download Article. Decide on long-term storage areas. Choose where to house the bulk of your bulk goods. ... Method 2 of 3: Keeping Organized and Efficient Download Article. Shop with your containers. ... Method 3 of 3: Shopping for Bulk Download Article. Consider your needs. ...

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