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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best paper stock for business cards?

The most popular card stock is 14pt. In general, this top seller is the most used paper thickness for business cards and a good card stock for postcards too. Ordering a card with 14pt thickness guarantees sleekness and shows that you are corporate and professional, which makes it the standard, go-to choice.

What are eco-friendly business cards?

Eco-friendly Plantable Business Cards are totally unique and make a great conversation piece. Made with seed paper, these green promotions leave a lasting impression and will help your company stand out from the pack. They are also made from post-consumer materials and are biodegradable so they won't leave waste behind.

Can business cards be recycled?

Paper and Cardboard. Paper is perhaps the broadest category of recyclable materials that can go into your recycling bin. Computer paper, paper bags, newspapers and magazines, brochures and other printed materials such as business cards and envelopes can be recycled.

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