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Frequently Asked Questions

What do curvy women like to wear?

Some curvy women like to wear a very simple outfit and rest of them go for a very stylish outfit that can be worn on parties and other events as well. One needs to keep in mind that whatever they wear should be comfortable.

What is a casual outfit for plus size ladies?

T-shirt and jeans is considered to be a very casual outfit. Plus size ladies need to keep a lot of things in mind when they are shopping. Outfits can be chosen according to the curves and size.

What is the best casual outfit to wear while travelling?

A casual outfit should be very comfortable so that you feel very light while travelling.There are different perceptions and preferences of every women. One might go for jeans and shirt, other might go for a shirt and a skirt, it all depends on personal taste.If you are going out you could wear a lose top with a denim jeans.

How do I choose the best business formal clothes?

To manage the business formal look, you'll need to choose separates that are classic and stylish--and not too casual. This means no flowing maxi skirts, nothing with overly loud or distracting patterns, skirts that hit below the knees, closed-toe shoes in neutral colors, and modest blouses.

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