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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my Samsung Smart TV have a built in camera?

While most of Samsung's Smart TVs have some sort of voice function, almost all of them require you press the microphone button on the remote before it starts listening. The models that can recognize your voice are the ones that include a built-in camera and microphone, such as the.

Do Samsung LCD TVs have an alarm?

Samsung LCD TVs do not have an alarm , but they do have a built-in on/off timer that lets you set a time for the TV to turn on automatically. Is this content helpful?

What is Samsung wall TV?

"Micro"LED is kind of a misleading name, because this new TV technology from Samsung can create truly gigantic screens. The name of the TV itself, however, is entirely appropriate: The Wall. MicroLED is based on Samsung's , designed for movie theaters. The Wall is the house-size version, a mere 146 inches diagonal.

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