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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a camp chef?

Camp Chef. In 1990 Camp Chef was created on the idea that there had to be a better way to cook outdoors. Since then the company has developed innovative cooking systems and products that give outdoor cooks the ability to enjoy a hot meal at the campsite or back patio. The stoves have an extremely versatile design because accessories interchange as...

What is camp chef stove?

Camp Chef Explorer Stove. Ready for the camp or cabin, this reliable, no-frills stove features two 30,000-BTU commercial-grade cast burners. The all-steel range features sturdy grates built to support hefty cast-iron cookware. It's surrounded by a three-sided steel screen to block drafts and grease splatter.

How do you clean a wood pellet grill?

Remove the grease bucket from its hook and put it in a place where animals are unable to reach it (raccoons love grease buckets). With a damp rag, wipe any drips off the outside of the smoker. Once the grill has cooled completely, i.e., the next day, replace the foil on the drip pan, if needed, to avoid a grease fire.

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