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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Campbell Pharmacy & Health Sciences?

We are committed to preparing students to excel in the ever-expanding world of health care. Why Campbell Pharmacy & Health Sciences? Campbell University’s College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences is only a 45-minute drive to the Research Triangle Park (RTP).

What is a pharmaceutical scientist?

Pharmaceutical Sciences are a broad range of scientific disciplines involved in the discovery, development and manufacturing of drug products. Scientific disciplines include: How are pharmaceutical scientists different from pharmacists?

What is the scope of MS in pharmaceutical science?

MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences. Students pursuing their MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences complete one of four specialized tracks: The track in Bioprocessing & Biotechnology investigates pharmaceutical agents that are produced by living cells. The particular focus is on cells that are genetically engineered to produce foreign proteins.

What can you do with a degree in pharmaceutical development?

Students who complete this degree are prepared for careers in the pharmaceutical industry doing drug discovery, development, and/or production or further studies at the doctorate level. The degree offers training in each of the major areas of pharmaceutical development: Bioprocessing, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Pharmaceutics and Pharmacology.

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