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Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose the best gear for camping?

How To Choose Gear For Your Camping Trip Backpacks. You will want a good backpack for carrying all of your camping gear. ... Shoes. When shopping for camping, you will want to get yourself a quality pair of hiking boots or shoes. ... Tents. Your tent should be one of your top priorities when purchasing camping gear. ... Sleeping Bags. ... Maps. ... First Aid Kit. ... Flashlights and Lanterns. ...

How to buy camping equipment and hiking gear?

How to Buy Camping Equipment and Hiking Gear Only Buy Outdoor Gear You Need. New campers are often tempted to load up on gear - which they then have to schlep up and down a mountain. Buy Used Camping Equipment. Hikers are a friendly, hand-me-down kind of bunch. ... If You Must Buy New Hiking Gear, Buy Local. ... Look Beyond Name Brands. ... Be Careful With Online Reviews. ... Outdoor Equipment to Splurge On. ...

What equipment do you use for camping?

Camping equipment list A reliable outdoor tent. This is one of the most important types of equipment that you will need if you are planning an outdoor trip. Camping lighting. It will be dark at night so consider having proper lighting. ... A shovel. ... Camping first aid kit. ... Camping bedding. ... Inflatable pillow. ... Camping chairs. ... A camping cooler. ... Camping heater. ... More items...

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