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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Capital One Bank locations?

Capital One Bank is a subsidiary of Capital One Bank Financial Corp. and have the headquarter in the state of Delaware. Capital One Bank operates around 152 branches in Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.

How many branches does Capital One have?

Capital One currently operates with 640 branches located in 9 states. The bank has most branches in New York, Louisiana, Texas, Maryland and Virginia.

Is there a Capital One Bank in Oklahoma?

Capital One Locations - Oklahoma. Capital One bank specializes in credit cards, home loans, auto loans, banking and savings products. They are currently the eigth largest bank in the United States. Capital One has 963 branch locations as well as over 2000 ATMs. Aside from the United States, they also operate in Canada and the United Kingdom.

What is the routing number for Capital One Bank in New Jersey?

Capital Bank Of New Jersey's routing number (the leftmost number on the bottom of a check) is 31207937.

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