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Frequently Asked Questions

What is character creator 3?

Character Creator 3 is centered to complete the 3D game character pipeline for the industry.

What is character creator base+?

Designing the best real-time Digital Human character is one of the core values of Character Creator 3. From version 3.3, CC3 Base+ improves character mesh, UV, and skeletal rig; fulfilling the requirements of detailed sculpting and realistic animation. Evenly-distributed quad surface and perfect edge-loops.

What are CC3 characters made with?

CC3 characters are built with 60 facial morphs optimized for voice lipsync and professional facial capture devices. This talking character is made with a 3D scanned human face in 4K texture for best details. This vivid talking animation is made by iClone Motion LIVE using iPhone X as the face tracking device.

How do I change the T-pose of a CC3 base+ character?

When GoZ and Import FBX are used for modifying CC3 Baseor CC3 Base+character's shape, the standard T-posecan sometimes be offsetted due to miscalculation. The Set T-Posefeature can be used to adjust the result. Create a new project. Use GoZfeature to send this character (CC3 Baseor CC3 Base+) to ZBrush.

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