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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a character conform to a specific cloth?

Create a new project and dress the character. Increase the size of the entire body or specific body part. Sometimes the partial mesh of the skin maybe poke through the cloth as the illustration shows. Select the cloth at the topmost layer (in this case, the blue dress). Execute the Modify >> Conform command to launch the Conform Clothing panel.

How do I use the automatic conformation feature?

The Automatic Conformation capability gives Character Creator users another level of simplicity when changing hair styles. No matter what head shape or head scale your character has, just click to apply the selected hair style from the gallery and watch it go to the right place and naturally fit to the character’s skull.

How do I create my own custom character?

There is no easier way than using your chosen character as a direct design reference to start up your own creation. You can FBX export the character, together with it’s cloth and accessory settings, then quickly modify your own unique designs, while retaining the original body shape.

What is the character creator?

The Character Creator aims to provide a fun and easy way to help you find a look for your characters. Just like the japanese kisekae (electronic paper dolls), you pick and choose items from a list to ornate your character with. It is free to use and will always remain free to use. For storytellers looking for spritesheets of their characters ...

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