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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Citibank a good credit card?

In short, credit cards are good, if used properly and bills to be paid ontime. Citibank credit cards are good, based on the type of usage like petrol, department stores, supermarket, cash back etc then Citibank credit card variant to be selected.

Is Citibank a private bank?

Home » Citibank » Private Bank. Citibank Private Bank is a business division of Citigroup Inc. providing a wide array of comprehensive investment and banking options to the individuals, families, attorneys and to the law firms.

Is Citibank the same as Bank of America?

The answer is simple: Citibank is a subsidiary of Citigroup. For those who have already begun their research and were wondering if a comparison of Citibank vs. Bank of America and Citigroup vs. Bank of America are the same thing, that should help set the record straight. Bank of America vs Citibank: Checking Account Comparison

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