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Frequently Asked Questions

What is clearing browsing data?

What does clear browsing data mean. Clearing browsing data include deleting of temporary stored internet files which are of no use after few days . Stored passwords Which are stored when you select save my password during log in any website ,email id ,forum etc .

How do I clear edge browsing data?

Like any other web browser, Edge has this option to delete browsing history, Cookies, etc, via Edge browser settings. Click on the three dots ‘More actions’ on the top right corner of your Edge web browser and go in Settings. Scroll down and you will see the option of Clear Browsing Data.

How do you clear Internet browsing?

WIth the Internet Options open, you can see there’s a “Browsing history” category on the General tab. Click the “Delete…” button. You’ll be presented with the following options allowing you to clear various aspects of your browsing history. At minimum, you’ll probably want to clear your temporary files and history.

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