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Frequently Asked Questions

What foods contain benzene?

The presence of benzene also was reported in butter, eggs, meat, and certain fruits; levels of these findings ranged from 0.5 ng/g in butter to 500-1900 ng/g in eggs.

What drugs have benzene in them?

Our six-carbon molecule is present in THC and all of its related compounds (Dronabinol, Nabilone, Parahexyl). Benzene is present in many ergot alkaloids including LSD-25. It is found in the tryptamines including DMT, DET, Psilocin, Psilocybin, 5-MEO-*, and several others.

What household products are sources of household benzene exposure?

What Household Products are Sources of Household Benzene Exposure? Paints and Allied Products- 0.2% benzene Waxes and Polishes (auto care products)- 0.17% benzene Auto Care Products- 0.17-0.25% benzene Home Fuels (gas & stove lantern fuel)- 0.1% benzene Adhesives and Sealants- 0.11-0.22% benzene Leather and Animal Skin Dressings- 0.11% benzene Cigarette lighter fluid- 0.5% benzene

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