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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of insurance does a contractor need?

A basic contractors general liability insurance policy would provide coverage for bodily injury and property damage claims that the contractor becomes legally obligated to pay. At a minimum, every contractor should carry a general liability policy to cover unforeseen claims due to their operations.

Does your contractor have insurance?

Contractor liability insurance is required for general contractors to perform work. Contractors can often bid on jobs without having liability insurance, but they need to be insured before they can start the job. This insurance is meant to protect operators and owners from various liability exposures, such as accidents on the job.

What is contractor insurance do I Need?

What insurance does a contractor need? Public Liability Insurance. This is the number one insurance type for a tradesman or trades business operating as a contractor or subcontractor. Income Protection Insurance. ... Contractual Liability Insurance. ... Tool Insurance. ... More Information. ...

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