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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you love about Costco Business Center South San Francisco?

Here what I love about the Costco Business Center in South San Francisco...they have a food court! There is not way I am going to walk inside Costco Business Center if I do not have a Hot Dog,... So I joined a facebook group for costco.

Does South City Costco have a gas station?

We've always wanted to shop at this Costco Business Center in South City. It's easy to get to as it's located near the Bayshore Freeway off ramp headed to Oyster Point on Highway 101. There is no gas station at this location, but you will find more items that you can purchase in bulk.

Does Costco sell prepared foods?

When the fan goes on sale from $35 to $25...fuggettaboutit. Business costco does not have prepared foods. However, they instead have more selection of baked goods, ready to sell. Just imagine you're an actual store business owner and want to have banana bread to sell, just like that.

Do I need a business license in South San Francisco?

All persons operating or doing business within the city limits of South San Francisco are required to obtain a business license and pay the applicable fee per the Municipal Code, including businesses that operate from home. Business license renewal fees are due by January 31st of the calendar year.

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