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Frequently Asked Questions

Does CVS Caremark cover Viagra?

Notably, Caremark will no longer cover erectile dysfunction med Viagra. With Levitra already on their exclusion list, that means Cialis is now your only option with Caremark. Weight loss med Qsymia will no longer be covered by either formulary.

How do I get a replacement CVS Caremark pharmacy card?

How do I get a replacement CVS Caremark pharmacy card? You may request a new CVS Caremark pharmacy ID card by: • Visiting the CVS Caremark (formerly PharmaCare) website: OR • Calling the CVS Caremark Customer Service toll free phone number: 1-866-UVA-3707 OR • Contacting the UHR Benefits Division at 434-924-4392.

How do I Delete my CVS account online?

Click on the link that says "Delete Account Permanently," located at the bottom of the screen. The site will prompt you to insert your account information again for identity verification. Click on "OK" after entering your account information and your account will be deleted.

What is Caremark insurance?

Caremark is an insurance agency company with world-wide capabilities committed to being an Agent of first choice for clients who demand the best in quality service delivery and professional expertise. We are dedicated insurance professionals who are in law an agent of our clients.

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