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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an grooming kit for men?

Grooming kits for men provide an all-in-one hair trimming solution that includes a wide range of attachments that are designed to handle all of your grooming needs.

Does CVs have a personal Trimmer?

Whether you want to be able to keep your haircut looking neat, sculpt your body hair to fit your preferences, or trim unwanted nose and ear hair, CVS has a personal trimmer to fit your needs!

Does CVS Pharmacy sell vibrators?

You can buy anything at CVS Pharmacy. Case in point: they sell vibrators. Need we say more? The next time you're on an errand run for toilet paper, cough syrup, or whatever else brought you to the store, pick yourself up one of the seven vibrators below as a treat. You won't be disappointed, if you catch our drift...

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