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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Cy mean in English?

Look up CY, cy, or .cy in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Cy, CY, or cy may refer to: Cy, mascot of the Pee Dee Cyclones minor league ice hockey team based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina Cymraeg, otherwise known as the Welsh language ISO 639-1 language code

Are Cy dyes trademarked?

While patent protection for the standard Cy series of dyes has lapsed, the trademarked Cy naming remains in place. Consequently, dyes that are identical to Cy dyes, but called different names, are now sold.

What is the difference between Cy5 and Cy7?

Cy5.5 is a near-infrared (IR) fluorescence-emitting dye (excitation/emission maximum 678/694 nm). Cy7 is a near-IR fluor that is invisible to the naked eye (excitation/emission maximum 750/776 nm).

What is the Cy3 and Cy5 nomenclature?

The Cy3 and Cy5 nomenclature was first proposed by Ernst, et al. in 1989, and is non-standard since it gives no hint of their chemical structures. In the original paper the number designated the count of the methines (as shown), and the side chains were unspecified.

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