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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Captain cookie in deadmines?

This NPC can be found in The Deadmines . Throw Food – "Captain" Cookie will rapidly throw food at the location of a random player, alternating between delicious and rotten food items. Rotten Aura – Rotten food on the ground emanates 11 Nature damage to nearby units within 2 yards.

Where are the deadmines in World of Warcraft?

The Deadmines is a level 18-23 dungeon located in the Alliance leveling zone of Westfall. The instance portal is situated deep within the Defias encampment of Moonbrook. For most Alliance players, The Deadmines will be the first dungeon they encounter in the game.

What is the lowest level you can enter deadmines?

Lowest level you can enter Deadmines: 10 Beast Mastery specced hunters can solo this at level 32 if they know what they are doing. Healer: 15+ Tank: 18+ DPS: 17+

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