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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dollar Tree open on Thanksgiving Day?

Generally, Dollar Tree is closed on Christmas day and Eastern Sunday, and open during the rest of the holidays. This means that Dollar Tree is open on MLK Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Independence Day (4th of July), Labor Day, and a list of there holidays seen in the table below.

Are all Dollar Tree stores closing?

So, claims that all Dollar Tree stores are closing, like all posts that appear, should not be considered trustworthy. False claims about popular retail chains are closing are pretty common. We’ve investigated these claims about Bass Pro Shops, Hobby Lobby and Taco Bell, just to name a few.

What are Dollar Tree hours of Operation?

On weekdays, Dollar tree hours of operation (as shown in the table below) are typically 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM on Monday through Friday. The weekends follow similar Dollar Tree store hours on Saturday with most locations opening at 8:00 and closing their doors to customers at 10:00 PM just like on the weekdays.

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