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Frequently Asked Questions

Why won't dream show his face?

Dreaming of a face wearing makeup means you will lose money. A dream about a man without a face is a sign of mystery that reveals a possible threat, such as the dishonesty of somebody close to you. But the man without a face can represent the dreamer if the appearance is of the same sex.

What is Dream face?

The DreamFace is a noninvasive procedure that results in a younger, natural looking lifted appearance of the face, neck, and brow. During the procedure, thin flexible sutures will be inserted underneath your skin to rejuvenate sagging tissue into a higher more youthful position.

What does a dream reveal about the dreamer?

Through years of analysis, we’ve discovered that every dream is about the dreamer, each part of the dream is part of the dreamer, and every dream reveals the person’s state of mind 24-48 hours before the dream.

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