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Frequently Asked Questions

What does DreamBox Learning mean?

DreamBox Learning provides metrics for school and district administrators including school-specific summaries, concept mastery reports and trends in platform usage over time. The dashboard allows for class and grade comparisons to determine gaps in instruction or mastery for specific schools, grades, classes or students.

Is Dreambox good?

Overall, DreamBox is a very good and recommendable product. I especially liked its emphasis on conceptual understanding, and the fact that practice problems are "embedded" within a conceptual framework, and not presented as simple repetitive drill. I believe DreamBox will benefit most students.

What is DreamBox Learning?

Dreambox is a differentiated math instruction on line learning. environment tailored to meet the needs of every student.

What is a Dream Box?

A dream with a box implies that you are a rigid thinker, or you are feeling boxed in or facing limitation or restriction in some part of your waking life. Alternatively it may suggest that you need better structure in your life, or you feel the need to protect or preserve some part of yourself.

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