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Frequently Asked Questions

What is dreamdreamskin ®?

Dreamskin ® is a medical device which has been available on prescription for over a decade, best suited to the treatment of moderate to severe eczema and atopic dermatitis. It works by correcting the flow of moisture and regulating the temperature of the skin reducing irritation caused by dry, sensitive and even eczema prone skin.

What is the difference between Dreamskin® and happyskin®?

Dreamskin ® is the sister brand of HappySkin ® which is made of silk and contains a higher level of polymer coating to HappySkin ® which is made from TENCELTM. The following table explains the differences between Dreamskin ® and HappySkin ® further.

What is Dior Dreamskin?

What Else You Need to Know: Dior has reinvented its iconic Dreamskin skincare for skin perfection that appears to come from within.* The emulsion's beneficial skin-perfecting ingredients help create naturally exquisite skin while fighting visible signs of aging.

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