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Frequently Asked Questions

How can dressing your truth help you?

With Dressing Your Truth, an online makeup system, I have helped over half a million women change their perceptions of their bodies, appearance, and experience with fashion. For the better! You deserve to feel amazing, look amazing, and to make getting dressed an easy daily experience. Having a great personal style should and can be easy.

What is Dress Your Truth style kit?

Carol’s Dress Your Truth style kit includes 4 color cards with all the right colors for your type! These cards guide you carefully along your path of STYLE based on your personality energy type. I am a Type 1 personality that was so spot on when I took the quiz.

Who is Carol Tuttle and dressing your truth?

I’m Carol Tuttle, the creator of Dressing Your Truth, and I have helped over half a million women learn their energy type and then learn my system of Dressing Your Truth, which has been completely freeing for them to be free of the shame-based references of their body.

What is “digitaldressing your truth”?

Dressing Your Truth is an energy profiling system that helps identify a person’s true nature, and not what they have been conditioned to be. It teaches us to embrace our gifts and strengths instead of treating them like flaws.

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