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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Eddie Huang's real name?

Eddie Huang. Edwyn Charles Huang (born March 1, 1982) is an American author, chef, restaurateur, food personality, producer, and attorney.

Who is Eddie Huang and why should you care?

These young cooks are bringing a whole new outlook to the world of food, infusing the culinary scene with their unique perspectives, flavors, and personalities. One person you should definitely keep your eye on? Eddie Huang, the chef at Baohaus.

Is 'fresh off the boat' based on Eddie Huang's life?

Even if you aren't familiar with Eddie Huang because of his restaurant Baohaus and his culinary career, there's a chance you know a thing or two about his life. That's because the hit sitcom Fresh Off The Boat, which was recently canceled after its sixth season, is based on Huang's memoir of the same name.

What high school did Eddie Huang go to?

He appreciated African-American culture, especially hip-hop, at a young age. He also frequently got into fights, getting arrested twice on assault charges while growing up. Huang attended Dr. Phillips High School near Orlando.

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