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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the major exports of Spain?

Spain - Foreign trade. Traditionally, exports consisted mainly of agricultural products (chiefly wine, citrus fruits, olives and olive oil, and cork) and minerals. While agricultural products and minerals remain important, they have, since the 1960s, been overtaken by industrial exports. Imports habitually exceed exports by a large margin.

What foods does Spain import?

Imports habitually exceed exports by a large margin. Of Spain's export commodities, transport-related items make up at least 23% of the total. Fruits, nuts, and vegetables are also exported in sizable amounts.

What does Spain export and import?

Spain Trade, Exports and Imports: Overview. Spain’s top export and import partners are from the EU region. Key export commodities of the nation include motor vehicles, foodstuffs, medicines, machinery and pharmaceuticals.

What was the main export of New Spain?

Silver, in fact, was the most important export from New Spain throughout the colonial era, and during the eighteenth century the colony was the most valuable property of the Spanish Crown due to the mining boom underway there. Thus, New Spain produced many commodities for export, including such goods as silver and cochineal.

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