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Frequently Asked Questions

What is FactSet troubleshooting utility?

FactSet Troubleshooting Utility. This utility is used to perform connection tests, send diagnostics, and solve common issues with FactSet software and Microsoft Office Integration.

Which version of FactSet should I download?

FactSet (General Release) Download the General Release if you wish to install a FactSet Framework that is widely deployed across a sizable user base. It is recommended to download and install the 64-bit MSI for any 64-bit Windows version listed below. The 64-bit MSI supports any 64-bit or 32-bit Microsoft Office version listed below.

How do I use the FactSet add-in?

Excel Add-in 1) To launch the Factset add-in search “ Factset Excel” in the start menu and select the “FactSet Excel Add-In” shown below. This will have to be done even if Excel is already open. 2) If Factset isn’t working in Excel please contact the Financial Research & Trading Lab assistants.

How do I make changes to the codes in a FactSet?

If you want to make any changes to the codes in your spreadsheet (formatting, adding new codes, etc.), make sure you make the changes in the original file (or template file), and refresh the data from the FactSet dropdown menu and view the results in the new data file. Template File: Data File: Title FactSet Quick Start Guide

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