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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Ford Escape Forum?

This forum is created to share and find discounts, sales, and other deals found online. (No Commercial Vendor or Private Party postings allowed) This forum is for all Vendor deals, special sales, and product announcements happening on the forums. Supporting Vendors ONLY! Post any Ford Escape related events, or meets you may be having.

What questions should I ask when buying a Ford Escape?

Ask questions about what the Ford Escape is like versus its competition. A great place for new car buyers to find out more about the Escape. In the market for a Ford Escape? This is the forum to discuss what price you will pay, and what dealer you will buy from.

What are the most common problems with the 2015 Ford Escape?

A/C Compressor grinding? Ignition issue, replay key? 2015 Ford Escape small leak near rear passenger tire.

How much kWh does the Ford Escape PHEV add?

So the Ford Escape PHEV has a 14.4 kWh. If my battery is fully drained and I recharge it, the max I've ever seen is 11.72 kWH added. Is the missing 2.68 reserve for the Hybrid?

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