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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy Fromm dog food?

If you’re interested in purchasing Fromm dog food, then there are a few places you can check out. Fromm dog food is available in most retail pet stores like Pet Valu, RensPetDepot, and even Global Pet Foods. Fromm dog food may also be available in privately owned pet stores within your area.

Is DCM in dogs caused by grain-free dog food?

Many of the cases of DCM have involved dogs that were fed grain-free diets , suggesting that diet may play a role in this disease. This alarming trend led the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to launch an investigation into whether diet and other factors are putting pets at risk of developing DCM.

Is grain free dog food bad for dogs?

No, grains are not bad for your dog. There are no scientific studies to indicate that grains are bad for dogs. In fact, there is a new study that shows the opposite. According to a study reported in ScienceMag, dogs have evolved genes for digesting starch that wolves do not have.

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