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Frequently Asked Questions

What does General Motors stand for?

GMC stands for General Motors Truck Co., and SLE stands for special luxury edition. General Motors manufactures different vehicles with different features. SLE is a package of standard equipment found on General Motors vehicles.

Is General Motors a Fortune 100 company?

Fortune 100 Began in 1955. The Fortune 100 in 1955 was led by General Motors, a company that held the top position for over 30 years. General Motors had revenues of $9.8 billion to top the list. The remaining top 10 was rounded out by Exxon, US Steel, General Electric, Esmark, Chrysler, Armour, Gulf Oil, Mobil and DuPont.

Who owns General Motors now?

Suzuki is owned by General Motors. To be exact GM owns 20% of Suzuki and Suzuki owns the rest of itself.

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