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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the basics of GIS?

A Dictionary of Geography defines a Geographic Information System (GIS) as an integrated, spatial, data-handling programmes which will collect, store, and retrieve spatial data from the real world. They are powerful tools in decision-making, as they can incorporate coordinated data.

What are some examples of GIS?

GIS Technology. For example, using GIS, a single map could include sites that produce pollution, such as factories, and sites that are sensitive to pollution, such as wetlands and rivers. Such a map would help people determine where water supplies are most at risk.

What are GIS used for?

GIS is most commonly used on the desktop – i.e., where the software is installed directly onto individual PCs. GIS for desktop allows for complex geoprocessing and analytical work, which need a large amount of computer processing power.

What you can do with GIS?

The following list summarizes some of the tasks you can accomplish with GIS: Find geographic features. Measure geographic features. Characterize distributions. Summarize geographic data. Work with networks. Compare map layers. Perform surface analysis.

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