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Frequently Asked Questions

Is 14k gold good quality?

14K is good but not high quality of gold if you are opting for an “investment piece” of gold. However, 14k is often used when there is a need to mount a precious stone..

What are spot gold prices?

The gold spot price or gold current price, at which the physical gold can be sold or bought at a specified time and place. In contrast, a gold futures price is in relation to its current spot price and time frame in question. The spot price is calculated according to the most recent average bid price offered by the worldwide professional traders.

How much is 14k gold per gram?

Now, since 14K gold is only 58.33% actual gold , we divide the per gram price of pure gold ($37.531) by 0.5833 to arrive at a 14K gold price of right at $21.92 a gram . Now you multiply the weight of the ring in grams by the price per gram at 14K , and you have the spot price of your ring.

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