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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Chinese dragons have wings?

Chinese Dragons. It's also worth noting that Chinese Dragon's do not have wings (at least in most depictions). The source of their flight, and ability to control water isn't a physical trait, but rather a mystical energy which stems from their "Chinu" 尺木 or a lump on their head.

What do Chinese think about dragons?

Chinese do not believe in dragons. Dragons are the stuff of fairy tales and just a metaphor to represent an idea! It is the same with Chinese gods. No Chinese believes that there is a Monkey God as depicted in the novel, Journey to the West.

What is the origin of the Chinese dragon?

The Origin of the Chinese Dragon. And in Chinese lore, that’s actually the point. Chinese dragons are meant to symbolize omnipotent power. In Dynastic China (China up until 221 B.C., at which time China was unified under one emperor and was then known as Imperial China), the dragon was used as a symbol of the power of the Emperor.

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