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Frequently Asked Questions

How many golf clubs should be in a golf bag?

The official rules allow any number of golf clubs in your bag, including more than 14, when practicing. If you're heading to the driving range or playing a practice round of golf, 15, 18, 33 clubs are fine (but heavy!).

Which golf course is called the home of golf?

Golf originated at Saint Andrews, in Scotland. Because of this, Scotland, and in particular the Old Course at St. Andrews, is considered the traditional home of Golf, and the standard to which all other Golf Courses are compared.

How many golf clubs are allowed in your golf bag?

Fourteen clubs are the maximum allowed in one player's golf bag during a round played under the rules of golf. Any number below 14 is fine, but more than 14 is not. Also, those 14 clubs cannot be changed during the course of one round.

What are the best golf courses in Arizona?

The Best Golf Courses in Arizona. We rank the top venues in Arizona (2017-'18) Michael Paul/Courtesy of The Estancia Club. 1 . (1) The Estancia Club (6th hole pictured above), Scottsdale •. 2. (2) Forest Highlands G.C. (Canyon), Flagstaff ≈.

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