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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I jack up my golf cart?

Park the golf cart on a flat, solid surface. Place the wheel chocks in front of the front wheels. Jack up the rear of the golf cart with the car jack and place two jack stands under the rear end, supporting it with the tires off the ground.

How do you fill the battery in a golf cart?

Your golf cart batteries need water. Depending on use, the batteries should be checked at least once per month. Remove the caps from the top of hte battery. IF the cell needs water, fill the battery to just below the ring in the cell neck using distilled water. Only add water to a fully charged battery.

What to do with old golf cart?

What to do with an old electric golf cart. Take golf cart frame/body and put in 1/2 garden tractor drive train with off shelf parts that could be serviced outside of motorcycle dealers, make some money with the other than main line assembly equipment. Occasionally see Harley golf carts at HOG rallies. RN.

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