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Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy customgolf cart accessories?

Golf cart accessories help turn your simple golf course cruiser into a real mean, custom machine that can be used at your lake house, during hunting, on the beach, and more. More importantly, accessories help make your golf cart stand out!

What kind of parts do you need for a golf cart?

From golf cart wheels and tires and lift kits, to light kits, rear seats, golf cart parts and so much more! The GCTS is here to help you make your golf cart match your imagination. We carry the largest selection of Club Car Accessories and Club Car Parts online, at the best prices.

Where can I buy club car parts and accessories?

Golf Cart King has the largest selection of Club Car parts and accessories readily available for you today. With an array of golf carts that aim to satisfy your personal or utility needs, Club Car holds the title as the largest manufacturer for small-wheel, zero emissions electric golf carts in the world.

Are there any Yamaha golf carts that have parts?

Low maintenance and easy to customize, Yamaha golf carts have a variety of models. Golf Cart King easily provides Yamaha golf cart accessories and parts for several models, including accessories for Yamaha Drive, Concierge, Adventurer, Hauler and G series.

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